Grease Traps & Separators

Grease Traps and Separators have a wide variety of grease management systems to ensure your application meets the UK wastewater regulations and can drain your foul water safely.

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More about grease traps and separators

The UK sewerage system is put under extra pressure by the large volume of grease, fat, and oils that congeal and block municipal, commercial, and industrial water systems. Eventually, the build up of these fatty deposits leads to blockages, equipment damage and costly repair bills for those liable, as well as damage to the environment.

Grease traps are essential for restaurants and commercial kitchens, bakeries, and cafes – but also for hotels, hospitals and health care facilities. Anywhere with significant fat or oil use and other types of commercial kitchens will benefit massively from having the proper grease trap installed, and save themselves a potential fortune in future plumbing costs.

How do grease traps work?

Wastewater containing fats, oils and grease (FOG) flows through the trap before entering the drainage system, which intercepts the FOG allowing clearer water to escape. They manage this due to the fact that fats and oils are 10-15% less dense than water, and so float above. The trap/interceptor will slow the flow to allow the liquids to separate, and then is collected by a series of baffles.

Grease traps can be passive, or automatic. Automatic grease traps will filter out the FOG and periodically remove it from the trap, allowing for easy recycling and/or disposal. Passive traps will usually need to be cleaned out more often, which is determined by the amount of wastewater flowing through the system.

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