Separators, Traps & Spillcare offers a wide range of traps and separators including grease management, bypass separators, full retention separators, forecourt separators and washdown silt traps. Drainstore also offers a wide range of spill care products including absorbents, drain mats and spill kits.

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More About Drainage Traps and Separators

Normally, surface water is drained to a stream, river or other watercourse, or indirectly via a soakaway into the groundwater. If this surface water were contaminated by oil, chemicals and silt or other particles, it can have serious consequences for the receiving water and the environment.

Installing silt traps or separators can make sure your drainage is eco-friendly and can make sure the water you discharge is clean and up to statutory regulation.

The separators and traps protect the receiving waters by separating out as much pollution and contaminates as possible before the water passes on to the next stage of treatment or transport.

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