Bacteria Activator

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Bacteria Activator suitable for sewage treatment plants and septic tanks

This product is specially formulated to restore and maintain the natural biological processes in sewage tanks. The product is supplied in a water soluble sachet which can be flushed down the toilet bowl.

Supplied in a tub containing 52 x 25g sachets which can be flushed weekly down a toilet.


Restores the biological balance in a septic tank
Reduces the frequency of emptying septic tanks
Helps reduce odours by digesting accumulated organics
Breaks down a broad range of organic waste matter

Product contents:

  • selected, naturally occurring Hazard Group 1 micro-organisms to degrade organic solids
  • surfactants
  • free enzymes and nutrients
  • cereal based carrier
  • blue dye

Microbial Content

The product contains 8 strains belonging to the Bacillus and Pseudomonas genera. The component strains include both aerobic and facultative organisms. The total viable count in the ready to use product is not less than 5 x 106 cfu/ml.


Amnite S250 is a granular powder that rapidly degrades the accumulated organic solids in septic tanks. Regular use of the product ensures that the septic tank does not become blocked and that no unpleasant smells emanate from it.

The product is safe to use and does not contain any pathogens.

For more information please call 01773 767611.

Please note all images are for illustration only and may differ slightly from the actual product supplied.


Tub contents:   52 x 25g sachets
Tub weight (approx):   1.5kg

Appearance:   Blue Coloured Powder
Odour:   Lightly Scented
Specific Gravity:   0.8 – 0.9 g/cc
Solubility In Water:   Partial
Evaporation Rate:   0.0%
pH:   7.5 – 8.5 (In Water)

Reactivity:   Stable
Conditions to avoid:   Excessively High or Low Temperatures
Materials to avoid:   Strong Acids/Alkali

Micro-organisms used are non-pathogenic
Product is considered non-toxic by ingestion

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