Rainwater Harvesters

Rainwater harvesting reduces the demand on mains water and can save you money on water bills. Drainstore.com offers a wide range of rainwater harvesting systems to choose from.

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More About Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting systems are not only better for the environment, but can also save you money on your water bills. You can replace the expensive drinking water used for garden irrigation, toilets, or car washing with rainwater collected from rooftops, drains and gardens. Clearwater rainwater harvesting systems are a must have for homes, particularly in areas affected by hosepipe bans or in areas that are prone to flooding.

With systems in place to ensure clean water is returned to the outlets, either with calmed inlets or integrated filters, you can be sure that the rainwater collection system will only benefit the property.

You can install gravity rainwater collection systems to provide clean rainwater to the whole building via a header tank, use direct systems for the home which can replenish the tank with mains water when depleted, or direct systems for the garden, which will allow for hoses to be directly connected to them.

Drainstore offer rainwater collection system installation, and can advise on the correct products and systems for your needs.

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