Pumping Stations

An extensive range of packaged pumping stations to suit all types of application.

Looking for something non-standard? All of our pumping stations are constructed and tested in the Drainstore warehouse, so they are ready to get to work upon arrival. Get in touch or call us on 01773 767611 if there’s anything you need in particular.

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More About Pumping Stations

Sewage systems are made up of a network of pipes that carry sewage and wastewater from homes and businesses to the main sewers. Usually, gravity controls the flow of waste to the main sewers. However, there are some situations where a pumping station is needed to move the sewage, for example when the domestic sewage pipes sit on lower ground to the main sewer.

Drainstore's extensive range of sewage pumping stations and custom-built options can handle any sewage or wastewater pumping issues. Along with our expert advice and installation capabilities, we are here to help. Drainstore can deliver complete packages ready for installation, no matter your situation.

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