Foul / Sewage Pumps

A range of submersible pumps for lifting foul and sewage waste water.

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Our Submersible Sewage Pumps

Submersible pumps are sealed, airtight pumps that can operate underwater to drain or move large volumes of clean or foul water (sewage, or water mixed with particulates such as mud or sand). With level sensors and float switches, most submersible pumps turn on and off automatically and can be installed permanently. We offer submersible pump installation services, and can advise on the correct pumps for your needs.

Our clean and foul water pump range caters for domestic and commercial properties as well as more industrial applications. If you need to drain an area quickly, we recommend high capacity submersible pumps, and if there is a frequent need to move water or sewage, we can help advise on fixed installations. Get in touch with any questions, or call us on 01773 303955.


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