The Secoh Sangyo EL air blowers are no longer manufactured, but spares are still currently available.
EL Service Kits & Spares

For a replacement air blower, please use table below to find your substitute model.

Discontinued Secoh Sangyo Replace with Secoh JDK
SLL-40 JDK-40
SLL-50 JDK-50
EL-60 JDK-S-60
EL-S-60N JDK-S-60
EL-60C JDK-60C
EL-80 JDK-S-80
EL-80C JDK-80C
EL-100 JDK-S-100
EL-100C JDK-100C
EL-120 JDK-S-120
EL-120C JDK-120C
EL-150 JDK-S-150
EL-150W JDK-S-150
EL-150C JDK-150C
EL-150WC JDK-150C
EL-200W JDK-S-200
EL-200C JDK-200C
EL-200WC JDK-200C
EL-250W JDK-S-250
EL-250C JDK-250C
EL-250WC JDK-250C
EL-300W JDK-S-300
EL-300C JDK-300C
EL-300WC JDK-300C