Klargester Small Control Panel Instructions

Klargester Control Panel Guidelines

Small House Control Panel - Installation & Operation Guidelines

Klargester Control Panel

Part Code: 010086

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Below are the operational guidelines, settings, and fault codes for the Kingspan Klargester Small Green Control Panel.


These warnings are provided in the interest of safety. You must read them carefully before installing or using the equipment.

  • Installation should only be carried out by a suitably experienced contractor, following the guidelines supplied with the equipment.
  • A qualified electrician should carry out electrical work.

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  • Covers must be kept locked.
  • Observe all hazard labels and take appropriate action to avoid exposure to the risks indicated.
  • Ensure that you are familiar with the safe working areas and accesses.
    Ensure that the working area is adequately lit.
  • The power supply to the equipment should be isolated at the main RCD before lifting the blower cover.
  • Take care to maintain correct posture, particularly when lifting. Use appropriate lifting equipment when necessary. Keep proper footing and balance at all times. Avoid any sharp edges.
Terminal Block Number1, 3, 5 & 72, 4, 6 & 8
ConnectionLive – RedNeutral – BlackEarth – Green/Yellow
Terminal Block Number1112
Terminal Block Number131415
Terminal Block Number161718
Sludge Return Pump Pause Time
Switch 5Switch 6Pause Time
OffOff12 hours
OffOn6 hours
OnOff2 hours (default)
OnOn1 hour
Sludge Return Pump On Time
Switch 7Switch 8On Time
OffOff30 seconds
OffOn20 seconds (default)
OnOff10 seconds
OnOn5 seconds
Chemical Dosing Pump Pause Time
Switch 1Switch 2Pause Time
OffOff48 minutes (default BA)
OffOn24 minutes (default BB)
OnOff12 minutes
OnOn6 minutes
Chemical Dosing Pump On Time
Switch 3Switch 4On Time
OffOff4 seconds
OffOn3 seconds
OnOff2 seconds (default)
OnOn1 second

If your Klargester BioDisc or BioTec Control Panel is showing a fault code, please refer to the following table.

CodeFault ConditionFuseAmp
F1No power to the unitCustomer’s Fuse BoxN/A
F2The blower pressure has failed (PPFDS kit required)N/AN/A
F3The high level alarm has activated (where fitted)N/AN/A
F4The fuse to the blower/motor has failedF33.15
F5The fuse to the discharge pump (where fitted) has failed.F15.0
F6The fuse to the chemical dosing pump has failed.F42.5
F7The fuse to the recirculation pump has failed.F25.0
F8The loss of rotation alarm has been activated.N/AN/A
The unit has had a fault which has now corrected itself.N/AN/A

Klargester Small Control Panel Guidelines Manual

Download the Manual (PDF)

For more information and guides on installing the control panel, download the installation manual PDF, call us on 01773 306606, or get in touch.

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