Building Regulations Part H

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Building Regulations Part H

Drainstore hold copies of the most up to date Building Regulations part H, Drainage and waste disposal, both in hard copy and PDF to assist customers with their drainage queries. Please call on 01773 767611 for further details.

What are the Part H Building Regs?

The Building Regulations Part H is an approved document that provides guidance on how to achieve compliance with the laws surrounding drainage and waste disposal, both above and below ground. It covers a wide range of topics, including sanitary pipework, foul drainage, waste collection, testing and inspection, and more.

Installing and maintaining drainage are hazardous operations and should only be attempted in line with safety codes, including procedures relating to working in confined spaces.

If you will need to apply for building regulations approval or need help with installation or inspection of your drains, you can call us on 01773 767611 and we will help make sure that your application is up to the necessary standards.