Washdown & Silt Separators


CWS Washdown Separators

The Environment Agency’s PPG13 requires that discharge from pressure washers must discharge to a foul drainage system. Where there is no foul drainage available, the effluent must be contained within a sealed drainage system or catchpit for disposal by a licensed waste contractor. Silt build-up is the main problem with wash down facilities, the Conder CWS range of wash down and silt separators are used to remove the silt and will allow some separation of hydrocarbons. Detergents that are used in wash down areas will break down and disperse the hydrocarbons, hindering the separation process. Therefore it is important to remember that the main function of wash down separators is to remove silt. Although it is recognised that single stage separators give the most efficient separation, 2 and 3 chamber CWS silt separators are available on request.

Application Areas
  • Carwash facilities
  • Tool hire depots
  • Pressure washer facilities
FST Silt Trap
Large quantities of silt can be associated with wash down areas. The Conder FST silt trap is ideal for easy removal of silt either manually or by a waste disposal contractor. The FST range of silt traps are available with varying grades of covers from B125 up to E600 to allow installation in all types of vehicle or plant wash down facilities.