Stormwater Flow Controls

StormWater Flow Control
The Hydro-Valve is a vortex flow control device forcontrolling stormwater flow to a specific rate beforedischarge into a local stormdrain orwater course. Sizes areavailable between 1 –200 l/s depending on head height.
JFC Hydro-Valves are manufactured to customerspecifications. They are custom designed to achieve aspecified design flowrate at a given head height. The unitsare designed to fit into one of the followingmanhole typesdepending on specification• Ø1200mm• Ø1500mm• Ø1800mm• Rectangular Manhole
Quality Assurance
JFC Hydro-Valves are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000quality assurance system.
JFC Hydro-Valves unique patented design allows for quickand easy installation onto various types of manholes (seeabove). The unit is fixed to the inside wall of the manholewith a number of steel stud anchors. A manual by-pass isalso incorporated in the valve for remote operation inthe unlikely event of a blockage.
The HYDRO-VALVE is a device for controlling stormwaterflowby hydraulic effectwithout requiringmoving parts. Atlow flow rates, water entering through the inlet passesthrough the vortex chamber to the outlet with norestriction. As flow rate increases water enters through theinlet with enough energy to create a vortex in the vortexchamber which results in a considerable pressure dropbetween the inlet and the outlet restricting the flowto theallowable discharge.
The Hydro-Valve therefore operates automatically with nomoving parts and no external power source. A typicalapplication of this valve is to control the flow from stormwater attenuation tanks

Design Flow - The maximum flow that is required .i.e. maximum allowable discharge.This point is different for each individual Hydro-Valve depending on specific specificationswhich is usually stipulated by the local authority.
Flush Flow - The point at which the vortex begins to initiate and has a throttling effect which starts torestrict the flow, sending the performance graph in the opposite direction.
Kick-Back Flow - This is the point at which the vortex has fully initiated and at which point the curve beginsto return back to follow that of a more conventional flow control.