Mini Micro Single Sewage Pumping Station - 610mm x 635mm 190 Litres - up to 10m head plus 2 year warranty on pump
Excl. Tax: £499.00 Incl. Tax: £598.80
Manuf part number: 602252


Mini micro 190 Litre Single Sewage Pumping Station - 610mm x 635mm with 2 year warranty on pump

This Mini micro pumping station is used for extensions, garden rooms, small conversions and for pumping sewage up to septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.

Sewage Pumping Station includes:

  • 450mm diameter 3.5 Tonne Driveway Loading Cover

  • 110mm Inlet Seal

  • DAB FEKA VS750 Auto foul pump with 2 year warranty on pump or similar approved with integral float

  • Internal 2" Pipework and Fittings including backwater valve

  • 610mm x 635mm HDPE chamber

  • 63mm MDPE connector to connect to discharge pipework

Please note: There must be 450mm below the bottom of the inlet pipe to allow for the pump to operate.
The invert for the tank can either be pre-drilled to the customers own requirements, or we would be able to supply a Holesaw for you to cut your own inlet on site

Features of the Pumping Station:

  • 2 Year manufacturers warranty on pump

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Full 50mm solids handling capacity

  • Coolant filled motor

  • Mechanical seal

  • Non-clogging vortex impeller

  • 10 metres of cable

  • Float switch as standard

  • Suitable for connection to 63mm MDPE outlet pipe

  • 610mm diameter for easier installation in troublesome areas

  • Anti-flotation device helps to eliminate chamber from floating

  • Supplied with 1no.110mm seal to allow inlet to be drilled on site

  • High water alarm available

  • Job ready for easy installation

Specifications of the Pumping Station:

  • Single phase, 50Hz, 240 Volts

  • 50mm NPT discharge with 50mm solids handling capacity

  • Suitable for connection to 63mm MDPE outlet pipe

  • Poly moulded basin with PSF cover

  • 110mm inlet

  • Integral foam seal

  • Stainless steel bolt kit

Additional items available:

  • Alarm

  • Neck extension with rubber seal 164mm high

  • Square polypropylene cover and frame

  • 580mm x 580mm square cover to accept block pavers

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