Septic Tanks is pleased to supply a wide range of Septic Tanks up to 80,000 Litres.

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Septic tank information are pleased to supply a wide range of septic tanks up to 80,000 litres from all the major manufacturers. 

A septic tank is a retention vessel designed to receive sewage, hold it for a period and then release a clarified effluent. Sewage is a mixture of toilet wastes, kitchenwastes and so called grey wastes i.e. liquids which include washing, bath and washing machine wastes.
A septic tank is primarily a liquid/solid separation system, although there may be some limited biological activity within the sludge and the liquid interface.
As the name septic implies, the sewage entering the tank becomes septic. It is possible that at sometime, smells will be detected from somewhere in the drainage system.

These can be minimised by correct installation, venting, location and by controlling the sewage.

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