Large Diameter Pipe 750mm-1050mm

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Large Diameter pipe 750mm to 1,050mm

Weholite 750mm, 900mm and 1,050mm pipes are for use in highway drainage for the collection and disposal of surface and sub-surface water.

The Weholite pipe can be cut easily using conventional hand tools and should be cut square.

Weholite Surface Water Drainage System filter and carrier pipes are manufactured in black polyethylene.

The Weholite pipes are installed easily using traditional drain-laying methods. The lengths in which the pipes are available and their lightness in weight are a significant advantage in handling and installation.

The Weholite pipe will be unaffected by those types and quantities of chemicals likely to be found in surface water

Weholite is a structured wall HDPE pipe.

The pipes are produced by extrusion of a hollow box section in polyethylene, which is then continuously wound onto a mandrel with successive turns being welded together by hot polyethylene melt supplied by an auxiliary extruder.

Weholite is a Kite marked product, license number KM 560128 which, is backed up with a quality management system to BS EN ISO 9000 : 2008, Certificate No. FM 12306.

For further details of the product and the certificates which include more information, please see below.