Clearwater RT2800 Raintrap Garden System
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Manuf part number: 604885


Clearwater RT2800 Raintrap Garden System
The Klargester Raintrap Garden Rainwater Irrigation System is a below ground rainwater storage tank with internal pump and filter. It can store large quantities of water in its underground tank.
Water is then pumped at a constant pressure to a garden sprinkler or hose as and when you need it. Use the RT2800 Raintrap Garden System for garden watering, horticultural sprinking and small vehicle washing.
Features and Benefits of the RT2800 Raintrap:

  • Easy to install saving you time and money

  • Inexpensive and low maintenance costs

  • Simple on/off operation

  • Suitable for existing and new homes

  • Automatic rainwater diversion when tank reaches full capacity

  • Available in a variety of sizes

  • Internal self-cleaning leaf filter

  • Safety manhole cover

2800 Litres
Diameter: 1905mm
Height to base outlet: 1565mm
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