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Grease Guzzler

Grease Guzzler
Price: £829.00 Inc VAT: £994.80
Manuf part number: WPL Grease Guzzler
Product features

The WPL Grease Guzzler® is an innovative, self contained grease management system designed for commercial catering facilities serving hot food and producing waste FATS, OILS and GREASE (FOG). The system utilises patented bio-technology, ensuring efficient and effective drain cleansing with minimal impact on the environment.


  • Utilises a patented bacteria pre-activation incubation technology to ensure maximum drain cleansing.
  • Completely digests FOG using naturally occurring micro-organisms.
  • Meets Building Regulations 2002 (Part H) specifications on managing waste FOG from commercial kitchens serving hot food.
  • Aesthetically designed to be space saving and complement commercial kitchen design.
  • Designed on the principle of ‘fit and forget’, it is completely automated and self-contained, requiring no daily maintenance.
  • Variable dosing time and frequency to suit.
  • Approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and marked.
Principal Benefits:

  • Helps prevent drain blockage and pump station failure caused through the build up of FOG deposits
  • Eliminates foul drain odours caused by rancid grease, improves hygiene, helps prevent rodent/insect infestation
  • Reduces grease trap maintenance or the need for a grease trap
  • Can completely replace the common grease trap
  • Requires no space consuming drums of bio-chemicals, unlike some alternative products

How the Grease Guzzler works

The Grease Guzzler releases S65,a bio-fluid concentrate, into an incubation tank filled with cold water. The tank is gently heated for five hours, to stimulate the micro-organisms to multiply, resulting in a rich soup of pre-activated, grease-hungry bacteria. At a pre-programmed time, the Grease Guzzler releases the incubated solution into the drain line. Once the system has dosed, the pipe work will be coated with a layer of enzymes. This continues to actively prevent the build-up of any grease that finds its way into the drainage system.


Please see below for full product specification and installation instructions.

For more information and prices, please call 01773 767611.

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