Harlequin Balmoral 2,700 Litre Septic Tank BST27
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Balmoral 2,700 Litre Septic Tank
A septic tank is designed to provide what is known as primary treatment to crude wastewater produced in a normal domestic environment. It retains solids and allows them to settle out, where they can be partially broken down by biological action so that only the remaining liquor is left to flow down the outlet drain. This liquor (normally called effluent) is then sufficiently treated to soak into the ground in an underground soakaway system.Key benefits of the Balmoral 2,700 Litre Septic Tank:• Impact resistant body moulded in one-piece polyethylene
• Wide base and lifting eyes
• Adjustable invert depth
• Fully sized, two stage separation treatment chambers
• Integral venting pipework
• Wide range to suit population requirements
• BBA Accredited (Cert. no. 94/3021)
Features of the Balmoral 2,700 Litre Septic Tank:Balmoral septic tanks are designed in accordance with British Standard Code of Practice BS6297 and are based on a two chamber design with a long flow path which ensures a high degree of settlement and sedimentation, thus providing a low level of suspended solids suitable for discharge into an underground soakaway system.
The system of baffles ensure that no crude solids escape into the outlet drain, avoiding premature blocking of the soakawy system.
The tanks have Ø50mm moulded-in lifting eyes for use during handling and installation (only when the tank is empty).
The inlet and outlet pipework is specially designed to disperse any noxious or inflammable gases into the atmosphere through the drainage ventilation.
The standard septic tank is designed to cater for drain invert depths of 770mm. The neck can be reduced to suit shallower invert depth.
The inlet pipe can be rotated by 180° to line up with the drainage lines from almost any direction.
A fully lockable pedestrian duty manhole cover is supplied as standard to comply with statutory regulations.
A safety grill can also be supplied as an optional item to fit across the access shaft as an additional safety feature.
The tanks have a flat base for stability during transportation and storage prior to installation.
1 110mm Inlet
2 Rodding access
3 Pedestrian duty manhole cover
4 Settlement chamber
5 Cylindrical baffle
6 Settlement
7 110mm Outlet
Population served:  1-4
Max hydraulic load (l/day):  800
Organic load (g BOD5/day):  n/a
NH3 (g/per day):  n/a
Total capacity (litres):  2700
Diameter (mm):  1840
Height (mm):  2400
Empty plant weight (kg):  197
Energy usage (kWh/day):  0
Inlet invert (mm):  770
Outlet invert (mm):  890
Pipework fitting (mm):  Ø110
Lid size (mm):  Ø760
Desludging interval:  12 months
Product code:  BST27-WLID-NN
Accreditation:  BBA (Cert No. 94/30121)
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